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Lisa Chen

Piano Professor

Lisa Chen studied the music at Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) since 2012 and she studied the piano with Mr. Thomas Hansen. Lisa earned her Master degree with a major in Musical Performance at NDNU. The main instrument that Lisa majored at NDNU is piano and she also took flute lessons at school. Lisa also took piano pedagogy at NDNU where she learned how to teach kids piano. Lisa was also enthusiastic on playing the piano in public, joining the Students Show Case, and she accompanied the music for the orchestra at school. Besides, Lisa was a volunteer in Lytton Gardens Senior Communities and performed the piano there in 2013.

Before coming to U.S.A. to study music, Lisa worked in the LITE Junior High School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2005. After one year training at a middle school, Lisa got her teacher certificate and also was awarded the good teacher certificate in 2006.

Lisa Chen devoted her piano teaching since 2013 and she teaches students of different ages and different levels. Teaching the piano is Lisa’s favorite job. Lisa created different lesson plans for each student individually. The teaching material Lisa selects are based on students’ level. Besides a main lesson book, she also uses a technique book to train students’ fingers and to improve students’ piano skills. Also Lisa assigns students extra interesting pieces to increase students’ interest. Playing the piano is not just playing the notes from the music sheet, it’s also feeling the enjoyment through the ears and fingers.


Lisa Chen
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