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Little Pianist

Unlocking Musical Joy for Young Children, Ages 4-5


Igniting Your Child's Musical Mind!

Introducing our Little Pianist Program, an exceptional music curriculum designed for children aged 4-5. This program offers a perfect balance between structure and freedom, encouraging young minds to explore and think independently. With a focus on rhythm, listening, singing, and ear training, children participate in fun-filled group sessions, tailored to their age.

Fun & Professional Training from the Start!

Join our piano class 50 minutes per week, with the loving presence of their parent. Throughout the year, they progress through four levels, totaling 36 classes, empowering them to set goals and thrive in a playful and positive learning environment. Our fun and engaging training program ensures that your child receives top-notch professional piano instruction right from the beginning.


Ear Training and Homework Support

At each level, we provide developmentally appropriate written materials. Homework assignments include note and rhythm notation, chord study, and theory exercises. Our carefully crafted homework assignments complement in-class teachings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. 

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Little Pianist Class Tuition (36 weeks)

Little Pianist Class Tuition (36 weeks)

✦ Level 1 Tuition $270 (6 lessons).

✦ $65 material fee.
Materials include: class text book, Hand-out binder, Homework activity book, Set of tin sheet, magnets, a beautiful school bag, a set of crayons and a castanet.
✦ Little Pianist Group Class Fee $ 25.

New Class:

5/11/24     2:00 PM 

✦ Level 2 to level 4 (each level 10 lessons) tuition will be announce in class.

✦ $38 material fee for each level.(text book)

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Anna, San Mateo

“We've had a really great experience with the group piano music class for my daughter, who started at age 4.5. 
The caliber of the teaching is outstanding! "

Jane, Burlingame

"I'm so glad we found the Happy Mozart Music School, the Little Pianist program. It is so fun and easy to learn."

Daniel, Foster City

“This program let me involved in the class and learn piano at same time. We had a great time working together in the Little Pianist program.”

Upcoming Demo Class:

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