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In-Depth Private Instruction

Teachers at Happy Mozart Music School are all experienced experts who tailor their teaching and speed of progression based on each individual student’s needs and their parent’s expectations. This helps maintain a top level of class quality that is indispensable for the student’s success. 

Sheet Music

Enhancing Musical Growth

For children aged 5 and beyond, we recommend initiating Private Lessons to accelerate their musical development. Through focused one-on-one sessions with our dedicated instructors, students experience substantial progress and skill enhancement. Make the most of this personalized approach to nurturing your child's musical talents.

Piano Concert Hall

Beyond Instrumental Proficiency

Our private lessons go beyond techniques and notations, nurturing students' auditory skills to distinguish tones and rhythms. This heightened awareness enhances their instrument's sound quality, complemented by comprehensive training in sight-reading and music theory, ensuring a thriving musical journey.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Elevate Excellence

Twice annually, we host student recitals, offering invaluable performance experience, motivation, and progress in technique and musicality. These recitals establish short-term goals that elevate students' achievements, making participation highly encouraged for reaching higher standards of excellence.

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Violin, Viola

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Guitar, Ukulele

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Music not only helps develop a better coordination between the hands and brains, it also provides the child an opportunity to express their feelings. Welcome to enroll our weekly private lesson today!

Private Lesson Tuition

Annual Year-Round Membership Fee: $80  

Students who attend the off-site Concert Performance Events will be charged an additional fee.

30 Minutes Private Lesson

approximately $300 pro-rated monthly tuition

45 Minutes Private Lesson

approximately $449 pro-rated monthly tuition

60 Minutes Private Lesson

approximately $589 pro-rated monthly tuition

Performance Hall

Private Lesson Registration

Enroll your child's future with us today!

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